Asiana Airlines Update from SFGH- July 11th 2013

Next update will be Friday July 12 at 11am

(NOTE: If there are significant changes, there will be an update later today.)

NOTE: We cannot provide any patient interviews.
NOTE: We cannot provide any information about Asiana Airlines.

San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (SFGH)
July11 2013

As of 11am Thursday, SFGH has treated the following patients from the Asiana Airlines accident:
Grand total of 67 patients. The largest number of patients treated by a hospital from this accident.
36 adults and 31 children
Total in critical condition: 3, including one child. Their injuries include spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, abdominal injuries, internal bleeding, road rash and fractures.
Total discharged: 59
Total in hospital beds: 7 – including the 3 critical. The remaining patients’ conditions range from serious to fair to good
These patients are 2 children and 5 adults. There are six females, including the two children, and one male.
No patients remain in the emergency department.

Wednesday timeline:
One additional adult came to the emergency room complaining of an injury from the accident. That patient was treated and released in good condition.

Monday timeline:
Sixth wave: Four additional children who had been passengers on the Asiana flight came to the SFGH pediatric urgent care clinic Monday evening with complaints from the accident. All were treated and released.

Sunday timeline:
Fifth wave: 9 patients (8 adults and 1 child) arrived at the SFGH emergency room approximately 9pm Sunday. They had various complaints including neck, back, abdomen pain and muscle strains. All were treated and released in good condition.

Saturday’s timeline:
First wave, arrived approx 12:30: 10 patients – 6 women, 4 men. 8 adults, 2 children.
The adults range in age from 20 – 40s. 10 were in critical condition at that time.
These patients were mostly Korean speakers and we have several Korean interpreters and bilingual staff on hand working with them and their families.
NOTE: We do not need volunteer interpreters.

Second wave, arrived by 4pm: 17 patients
Conditions range from critical to good.
These patients were mostly English speakers.

Third wave: 7 patients

Fourth wave: 18 patients, arrived between 5 and 7pm. These patients arrived in small groups of 3-5 in ambulances. They were in the best shape of the patients seen today — all can walk and talk. Several of them were discharged.

11 SFGH patients who were scheduled to be discharged to Laguna Honda Hospital were transferred there Saturday, freeing up beds for possible patients from the airline accident. The patients who went to Laguna were not crash victims.


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