Asiana Airlines 214 Update from SFGH – July 17th

The update for today, Wednesday, July 17th as of 11am, reflects no changes from yesterday.

SFGH has treated the following patients from the Asiana Airlines accident:

Grand total of 67 patients. The largest number of patients treated by a hospital from this accident.

36 adults and 31 children

Total in critical condition: 2, both adults. Their injuries include spinal cord injury, abdominal injuries, internal bleeding, road rash and fractures.

Total discharged: 60

Total deaths: 1

Total in hospital beds: 6 – including the 2 critical. The remaining patients’ conditions range from serious to fair to good

These patients are 1 child and 5 adults. There are 5 females, including the child, and 1 male.

Next update will be Thursday July 18th at 11am, here and on the media hotline: 415 206-3376.

No further press conferences are scheduled at this time.

NOTE: We cannot provide any patient interviews.

NOTE: We cannot provide any information about Asiana Airlines.


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