Asiana Airlines 214 Update from SFGH – July 22

The update for today, Monday, July 22d at 11am, reflects no change in patient conditions.  This will be the last daily update. Updates will be made here only if there is a change in patient conditions.

SFGH has treated the following patients from the Asiana Airlines accident:

Grand total of 67 patients. The largest number of patients treated by a hospital from this accident.

36 adults and 31 children

Total in critical condition: 2 adults, both female. Their injuries include spinal cord injury, abdominal injuries, internal bleeding, road rash and fractures.

Total discharged: 64

Total deaths: 1

Total in hospital beds: 2 – both in critical condition.

NOTE: We cannot provide any patient interviews.

NOTE: We cannot provide any information about Asiana Airlines.


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