Mayor’s Announcement at SFGH Oct 10

Mayor Ed Lee announced today that there will be an independent review of San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center’s (SFGH) safety and security systems. 

The Mayor made the announcement at the hospital, joined by Barbara Garcia, San Francisco Director of Health, Sonia Melara, President of San Francisco Health Commission, Roland Pickens, SFGH Chief Operating Officer and Dr. Todd May, SFGH Chief Medical Officer. 

The independent review will not duplicate the efforts of the police, sheriff and California Department of Public Health to investigate the death of patient Lynne Spalding Ford, whose body was discovered on campus on Oct 8, after she went missing from her hospital room Sept 21. The hospital and public health department are fully cooperating with those investigations.

“The city is responsible for what happened here,” he said. “We need to go the extra mile for Lynne Spalding Ford’s family and for all our current and future patients and families.”

The independent review will be an additional step to ensure that the hospital’s systems that protect patients, families, visitors and staff meet the highest possible standards.

“The people of San Francisco depend on a great hospital, and they have it,” the Mayor said. “Everyone knows this is a great institution. I have been here for firefighters, for airline victims, and many other times. The staff here saves lives.”

The Mayor said that a thorough, independent review will include such elements as staff and security responses to safety events, proper training and orientation, campus security systems including security posts, staffing, cameras and surveillance, exits and entrances, and a full review of all security policies. It will make recommendations regarding campus security and security policies and procedures to ensure superior systems for patient, family and staff safety and prompt security response.

The Mayor said he had spoken with Lynne Spalding Ford’s family earlier that day and pledged to keep them informed every step of the way.

The review will be conducted by an entity with expertise in hospital security and facilities. The Department of Public Health is currently negotiating with potential reviewers and expects to make an announcement soon.


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