Last Asiana Airlines Accident Patient Released

October 23, 2013

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San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (SFGH) Update

Last Asiana Airlines Accident Patient Released From Hospital, 109 Days After Admission

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center is pleased to announce that the last patient from the Asiana Airlines accident was released in good condition yesterday and transferred to a Bay Area rehabilitation facility.

The female patient arrived in critical condition on Saturday July 6, with complex, life-threatening injuries. She suffered spinal cord injury that resulted in paralysis, road burns over 30 percent of her body and severe intestinal injuries that prevented her from taking solid food for two months. In her 15-week hospitalization she underwent about 30 surgeries, including neurosurgical, multiple abdominal procedures, extensive wound care and skin grafting and other procedures to repair her injuries.

“This hospital saved her life,” said Dr. Margaret Knudson, Chief of Surgery, who personally performed 21 of the surgeries. “She’s one of the sickest patients I’ve ever cared for in my career. Our whole team breathed a big sigh of relief when she left. Not that we’re glad that she’s gone of course, but we’re glad that she made it.”

The patient, whose family has asked that her name and new location not be released, came in the first wave of critically injured patients on the day of the accident, when SFGH treated 53 patients from the crash. Over the next few days, additional patients arrived, reaching a total of 67 patients treated – 36 adults and 31 children — more than at any other hospital. Before yesterday, the most recent discharge was another woman who had arrived in critical condition on July 6 and was discharged in good condition to a rehabilitation facility on September 22.

San Francisco General Hospital is the only trauma center in the city, providing life-saving emergency care to residents and visitors of San Francisco and northern San Mateo counties.

“The work performed by our intensive care and operative teams throughout her care was amazing and directly contributed to her success. ” Dr. Knudson said. “She’s a real save. That’s what we call it when things go well. She was smiling when she left. It was a beautiful sight. “


San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center is the sole provider of trauma and psychiatric emergency services for the City and County of San Francisco. A comprehensive medical center, SFGH serves some 100,000 patients per year and provides 20 percent of the city’s inpatient care. In 2011, SFGH became the first hospital in the country to be certified for a Traumatic Brain Injury program. As San Francisco’s public hospital, SFGH’s mission is to provide quality health care and trauma services with compassion and respect to patients that include the city’s most vulnerable. General Hospital is also one of the nation’s top academic medical centers, partnering with the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine on clinical training and research.


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